We are not shy about it. Our time served in the US Marine Corp drives our company values and ethics. We understand the roofing industry is ripe with companies that may not have the best ethics. We let our Marine Corp values of honest, integrity and hard work permeate in all our work and all our client relationships. Our Better Business Bureau A+ rating is a direct outcome of this thinking. We’d be happy to put our business practices to test for you.

With over 20 years in the construction business, the Perterich Construction & Roofing team has the skill set to handle any project. Our background in previously working with a national roofing company taught us the most efficient way to handle insurance claims. We also built large, national brands. But, we also learned where national firms fail. They don’t care about their customers. They are looking for the most efficient means to construct and roof and move on as quickly as possible. That’s not how we do it at Peterich Construction & Roofing.

The Peterich brothers started the company in 2012 with one simple goal, always put the customer first. Developing a relationship with the customer and showing them options is our priority. Being a truly family owned and operated company insures you have one of the founders servicing your needs.

What drives us is simple. We take pride in our workmanship.

Our competitive nature and Marine Corp values are a great asset for our customers – we simply won’t settle for average. Our crews are highly trained which is critically important in our line of work. They represent Peterich Construction & Roofing and are responsible for the projects on your most important asset, your home or building. We look forward to being your roofing and construction company



BBB Accredited Peterich Construction and Roofing Colorado
Dan Peterich, Owner | Peterich Construction and Roofing in Colorado

Dan Peterich – Owner

Dan has over 20 years of experience in the roofing and construction industry.  His time has been well spent. Not only learning the skills of a true craftsman, but also learning first hand the best techniques, lessons and putting in the hard work it takes to become successful.  Dan is an insurance expert and has dealt with hundreds of claims. He utilizes this background to help you in the occasional insurance battles.

Dan served his country in the Marine Corp for 5 years and is the reason our logo includes semper Fi (Semper Fidelis). This Latin word translates to “always faithful.” When starting the company Dan wanted to let his customers know of his commitment to keeping his word and seeing the project through.

Dustin Peterich, Partner | Peterich Construction and Roofing in Colorado

 Dustin Peterich – Operating Partner/Insurance Expert

Dustin has over a decade of experience in the construction and roofing industry. He was also an insurance claim specialist and uses that background to support our customers. His time with a large national restoration company taught him the complexity of what it takes to restore a home while working with an insurance carrier. The experience was invaluable and our business thrives based on his learnings.

Dustin also spent 6 years as a classically trained chef in some of the nicest restaurants. His experience there translates to the customer service approach he brings everyday to our customers. Dustin’s attention to detail is second to none. His goal is not to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. His favorite quote from one of his chefs was, “Make a customer happy and they tell 2-3 friends or family members. Give that same customer a bad experience and they will tell EVERYBODY!”

David Vieria, Partner | Peterich Construction and Roofing in Colorado

David Vieria – Operating Partner

David is an extremely skilled carpenter and that is evident on every project he touches. David’s time in the industry has led him to become an expert in the insurance claims process.

David has been part of the Peterich family for over 20 years married to Joelle Peterich and have a son, Angelo.

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