Commercial Metal Roofing in Denver, Fort Collins, Cheyenne and Surrounding Areas

Metal Roofing Systems

Peterich Custom Construction and Roofing provide commercial metal roofing as a low-maintenance solution for commercial grade performance. Metal roofing can be customized to the roof slope, building design and shape, loads and weather conditions. Among our productions, we offer 18-24 gauge options, with an assortment of factory colored finish options, exposed metal fasteners, and can custom your project from flat texture or “standing seam” to a ribbed panel for a rustic look. Commercial metal roofing systems are an economical application that doesn’t compromise the system’s durability or weather resistance. Because metal roofing is typically installed over plywood, felt, synthetic underlayment or an existing roof, the interior barrier can often reduce the sound generated from rain or hail.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

  • Environmentally-Friendly The environmental impact of metal roofing systems is marginal given all metal panels are recycled when the metal systems fully depreciate. Further, International Green Construction Code mandates over 50% of system materials be salvaged, recycled, recyclable, biobased, or indigenous.
  • Functionally Versatile Metal roofing is lightweight, nearly 50% the weight of BUR while exceeding its strength. With the wide spectrum load requirements, geographical conditions, and building functions, metal roofing systems can be custom designed to exceed testing protocols and provide exceptional performance.
  • Cost Savings Because the material is lightweight and requires fewer support materials, the initial material and labor costs a reduced substantially. Further, because metal roofing can be retrofit and there is insulation retention, costly tear-offs and replacement costs are minimized.

If you have a commercial roofing project in Denver, Northern Colorado, or Southern Wyoming and are interested in learning if a metal roofing system is the right fit, call us today or request of a free quote.



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