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Do I need a roof certification?

Almost all mortgage companies now require a 5-year roof certification for homes with roofs older than 10 years. At Peterich Custom Construction and Roofing, we offer both a free roof inspection and estimate for roof repairs and replacement. Upon project completion, we will issue a roof certification for your residence.

What level of roof protection can I expect?

At Peterich Custom Construction and Roofing, we know extreme weather is no stranger to the Front Range. 71% of roof replacements in Colorado stem from hail storms and high winds, so protecting your home is our prerogative. Thankfully, roofing materials have come a long way with advances in technology, and our Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles withstand the storm and protect your investment.

Will the cost of my home insurance be impacted?

Depending upon your insurer, most homeowners can save 12 – 18% a year on insurance premiums for upgrading their roof to an impact resistant shingle. Speak to your insurance representative today and contact Peterich Custom Construction and Roofing to discuss your options and obtain the lowest rate.

Can I trust Peterich Custom Construction and Roofing?

Roofing and construction businesses have the highest negative BBB feedback or complaints of any industry. Doing your research and asking for referrals is one of the best moves you can make to to protect yourself. Peterich Custom Construction and Roofing will not only provide you with referrals, but also visuals of our entire process, so you can easily spot the difference in a professional roofing contractor.

Are you licensed and what about permits?

The State of Colorado and Wyoming require building permits and that the contractor is licensed in their area. Peterich Custom Consturction and Roofing are licensed contractors and ensure before any project start, the appropriate permits are obtained.

What about architectural shingles?

Architectural shingles are not to be applied in areas where temperatures drop lower than 40° F because a proper seal cannot be maintained and shingle warranties will not apply by the manufacturer. Because temperatures frequently drop below 40° along the Front Range, we do not recommend architectural shingles for your residence or building.

Do you provide ice dam protection?

Ice and water shield protection is required in most areas. Since Colorado has mandated this rule, the ice damming and facia rot rates have been drastically reduced. Our roof melt systems are designed to manage ice and water build up and ensure the water does not leak into your home and damage ceilings and or insulation.

We know there are a number of professional roofing contractors with whom you can choose to work with across the Front Range. And, while we’re biased, we believe Peterich Custom Construction and Roofing contractors are the best in Colorado and Wyoming. We value working one-on-one with you to identify the best options for your roofing project and to provide the quality and care from our installation crew to bring your vision to life. Thank you for considering us and we hope to see you soon.



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